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     This website’s content was developed by Bill Brown of Santiago High in Corona, CA. The website is set up to be a resource to public high school and community college Architecture teachers in their quest to implement current technologies and processes into their Architecture classes. Green Building Design, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and EnergyPro (energy modeling) are challenging subjects to implement!


     The Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and EnergyPro “workbooks” were written by Bill Brown as hands-on tutorial teacher notes,  not stand-alone tutorials. The goal of the workbooks is to allow students to listen to the teacher as the teacher demonstrates the commands, processes, common mistakes, tips, etc. while not having to frantically take precise notes. Once the teacher has demonstrated the process, the student would then try it….having the notes to fall back on… if they need to. It’s all about creating an efficient, HANDS-ON process to learn the software as painlessly as possible.

There are (more suitable) “step-step” style books out there, written by more knowledgeable professionals, if the goal is trying to learn the software from scratch.


Everything on this site is free to PUBLIC high school and community college Architecture teachers. All Bill Brown asks is that if you are going to utilize the workbooks and/or curriculum (feel free to modify it and put your school name on it) please let Bill know you are using it. Email is

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